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Responsible Game

Game World supports the Responsible Game program, which has become the reference element in the field and is currently the most effective tool for preventing and combating problems caused by excessive gambling as well as market education. At the same time, it is also a proof of the increased level of responsibility of the industry.

Currently, the “Responsible Game Assiciation” has 5 psychological counseling offices, in Bucharest (2), Craiova (1), Constanța (1) and Iași (1).

„Responsible Game” is the only program dedicated to people who have gambling problems and the program offers real help to them. The purpose of the program is to prevent, identify and assist gamblers with gambling problems and proposes an effective intervention program, not only for the people who face with this phenomenon, but also for their families.

"Responsible Game" has behind a team of the best psychologists in Romania for treating these problems, among which are Dr. Psychologist and Psychotherapist Leliana Valentina Pârvulescu, Dr. Psychologist University Lecturer Steliana Rizeanu, psychologist and psychotherapist Gabriel Bogdan Colceriu from Cluj and the clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Cristian Petrescu from Iași.

Together with the team of specialists of the "Responsible Game" program is the renowned psychologist and psychiatrist Cristian Andrei.

The program offers:

1. A free telephone line of type TEL-GREEN 0800.800.099, through which the players have the opportunity to contact a psychologist and receive free telephone counseling.

2. Online self-testing through the website

3. Training courses with the employees from the game rooms supported by the psychologists involved in the program.

4. Free evaluation and counseling sessions at one of the offices. After the telephone discussions, the interested persons can request to be redirected to the nearest psychologists in Bucharest, Craiova, Constanța Iași or Cluj-Napoca

5. Counseling 24/7, the first online psychological counseling service in Romania for players with (potential) gambling problems, who need real-time guidance during the game. The live chat service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week The "Responsible Game" program was created and run by ROMSLOT - Romanian Slot Organizers Association, Romanian Bookmakers - Romanian Gambling Organizers Association and ROMBET Gambling Organizers Association.

The website can be accessed at